We are a "Women Owned Business" started in 2005. We offer a diverse range of services and products for Residential, Agricultural, Small Business and Commercial Customers.

We have over 28 years experience in installing and servicing alarm systems of all types.  A&S Electric offers the same services provided by the larger companies with one major difference, Personal Service.  Larger companies have a sales staff, an installation crew, and a service crew.  We do not have separate groups for each phase of the job.  As a family owned and run business, we are involved in all aspects of the job.  Ask yourself this question: “Who better to sell you what you actually need than the one that can install and service it?”

All work is conducted by myself and my staff.  We do not sub-contract unless some of the work is out of the scope of our license.  Sub-Contracting comes with a price.  Security works best when few people know what coverage you have installed.