Agricultural Services

        At A&S Electric we offer the following services for our Agricultural Customers.


  • Burglar / Fire Alarms - Hardwired and Wireless Systems available.  Other options include Graphical User Interfaces, Wireless Remotes, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and Flood Monitoring for Basemen areas.
  • Camera Systems - See who's coming up your drive without getting up.  Our camera systems are viewable  on your computer or your Smart Phone.  Video is stored on a Digital Recorder with varying storage capabilities.
  • Farm Alarm - Farm Alarm is a unique monitoring system, designed specifically to help protect your poultry barn from mortality loss. These units have the ability to monitor:  Power, Temperature, Water Pressure, Ventilation Controller, Curtains, Feed Over-Run, Generator, and Customized Settings by owner.
  • Data Acquisition and Equipment Networking - We can install Data Module to monitor various types of Farm Equipment such as Dryers.  We can also network your equipment together to allow you to access your information in a centralized location. 


        Contact us for more information on any of these services.